3 Hacks for Getting Kids to Help Clean

From the time children are very young, their parents are thinking about getting their kids to help clean. We all know that children in early childhood create a lot of messes, so it makes sense that we would want them to start learning how to clean them up as soon as possible. Here are 3 hacks that will help you start teaching your child how to help clean up, as well as start making it a habit in their life.

1. Teach them the clean up song.

Teach them a clean up song and sing it each time you clean together.

I love the clean up song form Barney because it’s easy to remember and it keeps everyone focused on the task at hand. You can listen to it here.

My three year old loves to sing this song, and whenever I mention it is time to clean up, he immediately starts singing it.

2. Make it fun!

Turn on music, make small competitions or races, have a dance party once the room is clean, etc.

Another big part of this, that you have total control over (yay!), is your own attitude. Your child is watching you and learning how to think and feel about cleaning by how you think and feel about it. Do the work to change your mindset and make cleaning fun for your whole family. If you want to learn more about changing your mindset, check out Tessa Romero over on instagram. I love her content!

3. Be okay if it’s not perfect.

Do not re-clean after your kids. Instead, thank them for their help and point out how hard they worked. OR (and I like this one even better) do a job together. Working together will instill a sense of teamwork and fun as well as teach them how to do the job better.

How else are you getting your kids to help clean? Let me know in the comments!

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