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3 Ways to Support Your Child’s Creative Arts Learning

3 ways to support your child’s creative arts learning

3 Ways to Support Your Child’s Creative Arts Learning

  1. Sing songs and tell stories together
  2. Experience music and movement together
  3. Provide a variety of materials to create with (i.e. markers, crayons, scissors, paint, etc.)

Your Child’s Creative Arts Learning

All children should have opportunities to participate in creative arts as part of a comprehensive education. Children are naturally creative in their exploration of the world around them. As parents, it is important to provide opportunities to explore a variety of creative arts. Creative arts are valuable for building life skills as well as academic skills- and are a crucial part of educating the whole child. 

Parents support creative arts learning by

You can support your child’s creative arts learning by:

  1. Singing songs and telling stories together.
  2. Providing a variety of materials to create with.
  3. Listening to music- singing and dancing together.

Singing songs and telling stories together

Filling children’s lives with stories in many different forms will build a foundation that they can create from. Anything can happen in stories, so they provide a great outlet for children to explore their most creative sides with no limits. 

Here are some of my favorites to get you started:

  • Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • London Bridges Falling Down
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • The three little pigs
  • Goldilocks and the three bears
  • Favorite scripture stories

Providing a variety of materials to create with

The creative process is a skill to learn. Children have active imaginations that make learning to tap into their creative side so much easier.

As the parent, creating an environment where creative juices can flow is your part. This looks like providing a variety of materials, setting up an area where messes are welcome, and letting go of Pinterest perfect expectations.

If you have a space set up for your child to start creating, but your child doesn’t know what to do, you can help them. You can do this by modeling your creative process by working beside them, or starting with practicing a skill (such as cutting or gluing). 

Experiencing music and movement together

Singing and dancing together creates bonding experiences, memories, and a chance to freely express creativity. Creating opportunities for children to use their bodies movement to express themselves can open up some of the most creative performances. 

Creativity is a natural state of children, and also something that can be cultivated and encouraged. As a parent, your job is to create environments where creative arts are welcomed and loved. This will set your child on a path to continue building their creative skills throughout their life. 

Creative Arts Ideas

Listen to a variety of music

Appreciate music


Use musical instruments


Use a variety of materials to create with 

Act out stories

Use props to tell stories

For more ideas, check out my early childhood 101 course.

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