Back to School Resources

Whether you are sending your kids to school, or starting homeschool, most learning is happening at home. Here I have compiled some resources to help you navigate this new season.

Back to School Resources: For Moms

This list might be different then other back to school resources you’ve seen before. It’s not checklists for your kids to complete, or learning printables. This list of back to school resources is for you momma. You are your child’s most important teacher, so supporting yourself in that role is huge. As you learn more, you are able to better teach your child in natural easy ways. That is my ultimate hope for you. That learning in your home can be easy and just a natural part of your life.

Back to School Resources

Ever since my oldest was a few months old, I have been signed up for this FREE text list of prenatal and parental support. It’s called Bright By Text. You can sign up by texting BRIGHT to 274 448. Everyday they send resources and tips specifically for your child(ren). I love seeing different activities, getting reminders of when I should set up doctor check ups, and more. Find out more here.

For a whole library of back to school tips and resources, check out this page by PBS. They have back to school checklists, resources for parents and children who feel nervous about starting school, after school activities, and more.

Here are some of my favorite follows on instagram:

  • @Tessaromero Tessa helps moms create a positive mindset in motherhood.
  • @Simplyonpurpose Ralphie focuses on positive parenting and bringing joy back into parenting and family life.
  • @Theconsideratemomma Rachel is a gentle parenting coach, I would highly recommend watching her content to learn more about what gentle parenting truly is and how you can try it.

My Back to School Resource for You

Lastly, I have decided to reopen the doors to my Early Childhood 101 course. In this course, I provide tangible, hands on things you can do to support your child’s learning and provide activities to do with your child to support their learning in all areas. My teaching is based in child development and Utahs Core Early Childhood Standards. After going through this course, you will have all the tools to confidently teach in your home. Because most learning happens at home and you are the most important teacher.

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