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Early Childhood Subscription

Join the Early Childhood Subscription to learn the skills you need to feel confident in your role as your child’s first and most important teacher.

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Early Childhood 101

For the rural mama

This is the first early childhood course designed specifically with rural moms in mind. You have a unique opportunity in life, and your needs are different than any other moms. You don’t have a park just down the street, or the library a block away. Getting to preschool can be a big block for your day, trying to drop off and pick up at the right times and not be available for a big chunk of your day. But you do have the beauty of rural America- the best playground. You have the home you have created, the best classroom. You have YOU, the best teacher for your child. I believe that this course will transform your home and family to build the foundation of learning your child will build on for the rest of their life.