Communication Skills for Kids

Communication skills for kids are so important in helping them develop in all areas. Supporting our child’s development of communication skills will be so important for their life.

How to teach communication skills for kids.

Communication skills for kids include vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills.

Talk Talk Talk

Self-talk, parallel-talk, ask and answer questions, and back-and-forth conversations. Encourage your child, respond to their sounds and words, including cooing and babbling. Imitate their sounds, repeat and extend their words. Have back-and-forth conversations with them often.

Read Every Day

Choose a variety of books to read together. Read using expression, point out pictures and words, point out environmental text. Then talk about what you read.

Sing Songs and recite nursery rhymes

Songs and nursery rhymes are a fun and playful way to learn both concepts and vocabulary. This site has a huge collection of nursery rhyme lyrics if you’re looking for somewhere to start.

Model Good Speech

Speak clearly, naturally, and use correct speech sounds. Baby talk can be fun, but be intentional about speaking correctly to your littles as well.

Describe Objects

Talk about their size, color, texture, relation to each other (this is bigger than tat. This is soft, that is hard)

Play games that help your child follow directions

Such as Simon Says, go fish, follow the leader, or hide and seek. Clearly communicate how the game works- modeling how to communicate a plan.

Encourage Pretend Play

Talk on the phone together, have a picnic, play house, harvest some grain together, talk on walks talkies to each other. Build on the conversations.

Ask Questions and Be Prepared to Answer Them.

“Why do we need to wear warm clothes outside?” “Because it is windy and cold.” “Why do we need to eat breakfast?” “So we have lots of energy to work and play today.” Also, while you are prepared to answer them, give your child time to answer. Allow for a back-and-forth conversation. For younger children and if your child doesn’t know, be prepared with an answer.

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