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For the rural mama

This is the first early childhood course designed specifically with rural moms in mind. You have a unique opportunity in life, and your needs are different than any other moms. You don’t have a park just down the street, or the library a block away. Getting to preschool can be a big block for your day, trying to drop off and pick up at the right times and not be available for a big chunk of your day. But you do have the beauty of rural America- the best playground. You have the home you have created, the best classroom. You have YOU, the best teacher for your child. I believe that this course will transform your home and family to build the foundation of learning your child will build on for the rest of their life. 

Your moment by moment interactions with your child are the foundation for their lifelong learning journey

Fill Your Toolbox

Written by: Megan Cannon

I have created a course that will fill your momma toolbox. The Early Childhood 101 course is a short (less than 2 hour) course that will give you the tools you need to support your child’s learning at home.

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Early Childhood Learning

Early childhood (birth-8 yrs) is when children are building the foundation for lifelong learning, and you have a huge part in that.

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My goal is to help you feel confident in stepping fully into your role as your child’s first teacher. I know that you have what it takes!

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I will teach you strategies to turn everyday mundane moments into learning rich experiences. And I promise they are simple and fit easily into the busy of family life.

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