Effective Teaching Strategies

How to Extend Learning By Providing Information

How to Extend Learning By Providing Information. This is part of a series: How to Extend Learning as Part of Everyday Life Part 12. Effective Teaching Strategies: Providing Information. In this article I am going to teach you how to extend learning as part of everyday life by providing information.

Effective Teaching Strategy: Providing Information

How to Extend Learning as Part of Everyday Life

When it comes to bringing learning into the everyday moments of life, there is a simple three step formula I like to keep in mind. This is called the Powerful Interactions Framework.

The three parts to the formula are 1- be present, 2- connect, and 3- extend learning. This third step includes learning and implementing teaching strategies that build on the knowledge your child already has.

It is my goal to help teach you these effective teaching strategies so you can confidently extend learning when those key moments come up in your life. 

Effective Teaching Strategies: Providing Information

Definition: Providing non-elaborate information that describes an action, behavior, feeling, process, or exploration.

Use self-talk and parallel-talk to expand your child’s language by describing:

  • what your child is doing or seeing
  • the objects they are touching
  • what you think your child might be thinking or feeling
  • or how you are thinking or feeling.

These little moments of adding small details or facts about the world will create your child’s overall worldview- making it more detailed and full with each interaction they have. 

Along with the small moments that come up everyday, intentionally teaching information is important for greater understanding. These more in depth discussions are supported by the small daily moments by connecting new experiences with familiar knowledge. 

How to Extend Learning By Providing Information

What this looks like

“Right now you are feeling sad because you really wanted to stay at the library longer.”

“I see some red cows out the window. It looks like they are eating all that green grass.”

“This blanket feels so soft and cozy.”

“Do you see those big birds? They are called eagles.”

“It looks like you are really thinking about where that worm went. It just disappeared into the ground, huh. I wonder where it might be now?”

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