Effective Teaching Strategies

How to Extend Learning Through Communication

How to Extend Learning Through Communication. This is part of a series: How to Extend Learning as Part of Everyday Life Part 5. Effective Teaching Strategy: Fostering Dialogue and Communication. In this article I am going to teach you how to extend learning as part of everyday life by fostering dialogue and communication in your relationship with your child.

Effective Teaching Strategy: Fostering Dialogue and Communication

How to Extend Learning as Part of Everyday Life

When it comes to bringing learning into the everyday moments of life, there is a simple three step formula I like to keep in mind. This is called the Powerful Interactions Framework.

The three parts to the formula are 1- be present, 2- connect, and 3- extend learning. This third step includes learning and implementing teaching strategies that build on the knowledge your child already has.

It is my goal to help teach you these effective teaching strategies so you can confidently extend learning when those key moments come up in your life. 

Effective Teaching Strategy: Fostering Dialogue and Communication

Definition: Extending your child’s language awareness, understanding, and thinking through frequent extended conversations.

Most effective uses:

  • Use active listening to help your child feel they are valued conversational partners.
  • Encourage your child’s attempts to communicate then build on what your child says and does through meaningful, intentional conversation.
  • Encourage your child to initiate conversations with others (siblings, parents, cousins, neighbors, etc- specifically with other children though).
  • Exchange ideas, predictions, and outcomes while applying knowledge, and skills and ideas are explored and problems solved.

How to Extend Learning Through Communication

What this looks like

It probably sounds silly to say out loud, but it is important to make time to have real, meaningful conversations with our children. I think we often get caught up in just having conversations about what needs to happen or just halfway listening to long drawn out stories. But these real, back and forth conversations are so powerful in keeping us present, building connection, and extending learning. 

This looks like setting apart time to actively listen and respond to conversations with your child. It looks like starting conversations when it’s quiet. It looks like getting on your child’s level and connecting with them. 

Trust me, intentionally adding this strategy into your life will result in you getting to be a part of so much childhood magic, wonder, and love. 

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