How to Make Reading Fun

6 Tips for Making Reading Fun

How to make reading fun

You know that reading is important, but sometimes it can feel hard. These tips will teach you how to make reading enjoyable for you and your child.

How to make reading fun for both you and your child.

1. Choose books that are about a topic your child is interested in.

There are books about every topic you can imagine. Let your child pick books that are interesting to them, because we all know that things are more fun when we are interested.

2. Use different voices for different characters or sounds throughout the book.

It might feel awkward at first, but with practice this will become easier. Trust me, your toddler is not judging you, they are enjoying your silly side.

3. Stop and make predictions pivotal points during the story line.

Not only does this build the suspense and investment in the story, but making predictions is a critical skill to learn. You can even create a whole new story line by taking your prediction farther.

4. When your child begins to read, let them read as much as possible. Just fill in the long/ hard words for them.

Kids love to do things on their own. They love to feel big. Let them step into their new skill and read it themselves.

5. Make reading a part of a calm, comfortable routine. Start when your children are little.

Here’s some ideas of routines to add reading into:

  • Bedtime
  • Breakfast
  • Bathtime
  • Right after breakfast
  • During a siblings nap time
  • First thing in the morning

6. Talk about the story afterward.

What was funny What was sad? What was meaningful? Was there a lesson to learn?

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