Welcome! I am so glad you are here, ready to start your journey of becoming confident in yourself as your child’s first teacher.

“I believe that the best foundation for lifelong learning a child will have is the intentional interactions of their mother.”

— Megan Cannon

You have everything you need inside of you to build a strong love of learning with your child. Let’s dive in to harness intentionality in using your gifts.

Where to Start

  • 12 Principles of Learning and Development
  • Teaching Philosophy

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Rural America is a beautiful place, and I wouldn’t want to be raising my family anywhere else. However, there are definitely some challenges of this life as well. One of the big ones for me is preschool. Driving 10-20 minutes each way to drop my child off for 3 hours of preschool just messes up my schedule and is not worth it. Luckily, I have your back. I’ve created a subscription that will teach you everything you need to know about giving our child the foundation they need to be ready for school, without having to leave your home. Join me here!