The Best Way to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Do you have tons of leftover Halloween candy? 

Because I have the perfect use for it. A science experiment that the whole family will love!

This is the best way to use leftover Halloween Candy!

The Best Use for Leftover Halloween Candy


Candy pumpkins (or other halloween candy)

3+ different liquids (I used milk, distilled water, white vinegar, tap water, and vegetable oil)

3+ cups or bowls

Paper and writing utensils for recording your predictions and observations


  1. Fill each cup with equal amounts of liquid. I used ⅓  cups, but just make sure the candy is submerged.
  2.  Label what liquid is in each cup. 
  3. Write down predictions of which liquid will dissolve the pumpkin (or other candy) the fastest.  
  4. At the same time, drop a candy pumpkin into each cup. 
  5. Watch which one dissolves the quickest. (We left ours overnight, but after about 1 hour we could see significant dissolving)
  6. Record your findings. 
Candy pumpkins after soaking overnight

What learning is happening

Science: Obviously there is so much science learning happening with this experiment. It provides opportunities for so many conversations about properties of matter and the scientific method.

Physical: Pouring each liquid in provides an opportunity to practice fine motor skills. 

Math: Talk about the measurements. Count the candies, count the liquids, make sure there are an equal amount. Talk about more or less.

Extend Learning

As with all science, there are so many different ways to use this experiment. Here are a few of the ideas I had.

  • Try all the same liquid, and see which candy dissolves the fastest.
  • Time how long each candy took to dissolve- how different were they?
  • Try some different liquids: milk, distilled water, white vinegar, tap water, vegetable oil, Windex, soda pop, lemon juice, orange juice, etc.
  • Test if the temperature of the liquid changes the speed of dissolving.

Get creative with it and try some different experiments to see what you can discover.

To learn more about extending your child’s learning, check out this post: How to Create Learning From Everyday Moments: One Simple Formula.

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