The Game That Will Up Level Your Family Fun Time

Fruit Basket

Let me introduce you to the game that will up level your family fun time: Fruit Basket. This game is perfect for some family fun time for family members of all ages.  

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I’m not sure if this is a common game, or something my family just made up, but “fruit basket” was a staple for family bonding when I was growing up. I am the oldest of 6 kids, with my youngest sibling being 16 years younger than me. We played this game when it was just my parents and their little kids, and also into my teenage years. Adults and teenagers, clear down to preschoolers and even toddlers (on a team with someone older) can enjoy this game together. 

The Game That Will Up Level Your Family Fun Time


The rules are simple:

  • Everyone sits in a circle. 
  • Each person decides what fruit they will be. 
  • One person is IT- they are in the middle with no seat. 
  • The goal is to always have a seat. 
  • The person in the middle calls out 2 fruits. The 2 people who chose those fruits jump up and trade seats. The person in the middle tries to steal one of their seats. Whoever is left in the middle is IT. 
  • Instead of calling two fruits, the person in the middle can also call “fruit basket”, in which case everyone must move seats. 

What Learning is Happening

The most important learning that is happening with this game is family bonding. It can be difficult to find games that are actually fun for the whole family, but this one is. Spending time having fun together is so important for your family relationships. 

Besides the most important learning of family relationships, young children are practicing other skills with this game as well.

Physical Skills- Sitting down, standing up, running, and sliding are some of the physical skills children practice while playing this game. 

Speaking and Listening Skills- In order for the game to work, everyone needs to be listening and paying attention; the person in the middle also needs to speak clearly.

Turn-taking- Another social skill that is important to be learning at this age is turn taking. Practicing with the supervision of a parent- and even older children who can be patient while their sibling learns- is a great situation for practicing this new skill. 

Healthy Competition- Within a family is a prime place for children to learn about healthy competition. Surrounded by people who love and care about them, and guided by parents who know their child best. 

Science Skills- Through this game, children subtly pick up on classifying; learning what traits make something a fruit vs not a fruit.

Up Level Your Family Fun Time

I love that this game provides opportunities for children to keep learning (because they are learning all the time!), but I mostly love good simple fun. Strong families will change the world for the better, and one simple way we can build our families is to have fun together.

I wrote an ebook for you, The Rural Moms Guide to Learning at Home, to help get you started on finding the learning happening all around you in everyday moments. Building on these little moments will set the foundation for our children to go on a lifelong journey of learning.

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