Games that Strengthen Attention

Attention is an important life skill that children are learning in early childhood. One of the most powerful ways children learn is through play. So here are some games that strengthen attention. None of these games requires very much time or set up, but they teach such a powerful lesson. Give one a try and see how it goes!

Games that strengthen attention.

I have included three types of games that teach and strengthen attention: rhyming games, word games, and sound games. I have included examples of how you could format a game, but I hope that you will take these examples and create your own rhyming, word, and sound games that will be fun and interesting for your child. Most of these games can be done in a short amount of time, and with no, or very few materials. They would be a great thing to try while on a drive, waiting in the school pick up line, or waiting at the doctors office. Want to learn more about why these games are helpful? Check out this article, all about how children learn and develop. Specifically #10.

Rhyming Games

For example:

“I am thinking of a toy that sounds like tall.”

Play a matching game, matching words that rhyme- such as the game memory.

Take turns saying as many words that rhyme as you can think of.

While driving somewhere, point out something you see and say all the rhyming words you can think of. “Tree, three, see, key, me, tea, pea, sea…”

Word Games

For example:

“I am an animal, I start with the letter g. What am I?”

“What words can you think of that start with the “K” sound?”

Look for “their letter” (the first letter of their name) in a book or magazine.

Sound games

For example:

“I’m thinking of an animal that makes this sound. “Moo.” What animal am I?”

“What does a train say?”

Sit quietly and make a list of all the sounds you can hear.

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