3 Ways to Promote Literacy in your Home

Literacy is a super important skill that children are learning in early childhood. You can do so much to promote literacy in your home. Here are three hacks to help get you started.

1. Tell Stories

Before children can begin to read and write, they need to learn how to speak. Telling stories introduces your child to new vocabulary and ideas.

It’s easy to incorporate stories into routines you already have. For example, you could tell stories while:

  • Making dinner
  • Getting the kids dressed
  • Giving the kids a bath
  • Brushing your kids teeth
  • Sweeping the floor

Now, please don’t start stressing that you need to be telling stories during ALL of these activities, EVERY time you do them. These are just a bunch of ideas. Try some of them out and see what works for you and your family.

2. Label Things

Look around, there are so many things in your house. Try labeling them. This encourages your child to start noticing that words have meaning and connection to real life things.

Again, please remember that you do not have to do this ALL the time. But try to intentionally add some labeling into your day. This includes very simple things such as window, door, chair, or tub. And it can also include more novel things such as blossom, helicopter, or a skillet.

3. Have Books Available

Read books to your child, and let them read to themselves. Help them fall in love with books and reading.

On top of reading books with your child, and encouraging them to explore books. I would encourage you to model a love of reading by spending time reading a book you enjoy.

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